Tax Compliance for Multi-State Businesses

Multi-State Tax Compliance

Today’s businesses employ more remote workers than ever before, thanks to the convenience of modern technology. This has many advantages for both employers, who are no longer limited by location when seeking talent, and workers, who can now work from any place that makes them happy, whether that’s a coffee shop or a beach.

However, what many business owners may not realize is that they must comply with the business tax laws of any state in which they have employees — and navigating all these states’ individual tax requirements can be tricky.

Leave it to Ludmila CPA to handle the multi-state tax compliance details for your small or medium-sized business, whether you have just one remote worker in another state or multiple offices in several states.

We understand the nuances of each state’s payroll, sales, use, franchise, and income tax laws, as well as those of certain local jurisdictions, so that you won’t be subject to penalties and interest. And we can advise you as you plan to take on additional employees or set up offices in new locations.

We have the qualifications and expertise needed to address this increasingly important and complex business need.

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