Tax Services

Tax Services Reno Needs to Keep Business Moving

Tax Services Reno Needs to Keep Business Moving

Whether you’re an individual who needs to file a simple tax return, a self-employed person wading through paperwork to itemize deductions, or a small business owner looking to change your business structure or plan year-end tax liabilities, Ludmila CPA can provide the tax services you need. We’ll put our in-depth knowledge of tax laws to work to help free up your cash flow, save you money, and grow your capital.

Have you fallen behind on your tax filings? This can feel overwhelming, intimidating, and isolating. We’re here to help. You aren’t alone, and there is a solution. We have worked with many individuals to bring their records current, lower their tax burdens, and reduce their payments.

Our tax services for individuals and businesses include:

  • Tax returns and compliance documents for federal, state, and local income tax authorities. We’re qualified to prepare tax returns in all 50 states.
  • Tax prep and planning — Our sophisticated planning methods can help you to forecast your tax burden for the coming year or several years out.
  • Year-round personal tax advice — New tax reform laws went into effect in 2018. We can help you understand how these changes will affect you.
  • Review of previous returns and deductions — Our team can advise you on legitimate ways to reduce your tax liability.
  • IRS audit representation